Aiya, meldo!

And welcome to my blog! I am a writer (primarily of novels and short stories, with a smattering of poetry), an artist (though only rarely these days), a thinker (when my thoughts stop wandering), a dreamer (when I listen to God), and most importantly a lover (though love does not always come easy).

aragorn cosplay

I am a Christian, first and foremost, and this will color all my views and everything I post here. More specifically, I am a Roman Catholic. I am in love with God and with the wonder that He has created, this vast and mysterious universe around us. I believe in the power of human thought and reason to apprehend truth; that notwithstanding, I also believe in the deep magic and mysteriousness of existence, which can never be fully comprehended, and in the delight of that mystery. I love art and literature, especially fantasy and fairy tales, and I firmly believe that telling stories that are full of truth and love is one of the most important things a person can do in this life.

The purpose of this blog is general: it is a place for me to put down my thoughts and reflections on whatever subjects strike my fancy. I’m finding as my life becomes busier and more full of distractions that I need a place to focus my thoughts in, and I hope that this can be that place. Sometimes I might post reviews or analyses of stories. Other times I might post about religious or philosophical subjects, and especially about things related to writing and storytelling. As I’ve had this blog for a good while now, you may see an odd variety of posts back in the archives. I’ve decided to keep them there instead of deleting them or starting a new blog altogether because those are part of my history, and I don’t want to erase them. With that in mind, please be aware that this blog will show a development of my thought, and I am not always certain of the things I’m saying–I write and talk to get a grasp on my thoughts, not the other way around. I am willing to discuss the things that I post to a limited extent, but as this is primarily a place for me to record thoughts and not a place where I intend to engage in a lot of argument, please keep comments civil and refrain from being very argumentative.

And so, let us journey together!


~ Jared, July 2016

Note: the title of this page, “aiya, meldo,” means “hail, friend” in Tolkien’s Quenya language. 



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