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Trinity and Duality

During my life and in my experiences of the world, I’ve come to notice something which I think is interesting. It may or may not be of any real significance, but the observation intrigues me. Doesn’t it seem, when looking at the world, that most everything comes in twos? Dark and light, good and evil, tall and short, fast and slow, scientific and mystical, logical and illogical, man and woman, human and beast. If there is one thing, then it tends to have something else which is its opposite or complement. There is always another side to the coin. I’ve long thought that everything exists in such a duality, that dual natures run through the heart of man as well as the fabric of the world. I think that the most healthy and successful people are those who can reach a balance between the two sides of their nature, who can take the sane middle path between science and mysticism, or between romance and practicality, for a couple of examples. And thus I strive for moderation and balance in all areas of my life.


Before I move on, I should clarify that I’m not saying I think that everything comes in extremes–the two sides of everything often seem to intermingle and create something that mixes both to varying degrees. But there are only two streams flowing into the central river.


At any rate, I recently had another realization–or maybe more of a remembrance–and that is that God is triune. He exists in three parts, and not in the two parts which seem to be typical of the reality that He created. God is a Trinity; He is three-dimensional, whereas those of us in the plane that He created are two-dimensional. Could this be one of the things that removes God from Man? One of the fundamental differences that makes Him so much bigger and greater than us?


I can’t say that I have any particular application for this idea. But I thought that the observation itself was intriguing, and maybe others will find it so, too.



~ Jared