A New Face

So, as I’m sure you will notice, my blog has a new look and name. I’ve decided to make it something a little more mature and laid back because, honestly, I didn’t feel that the old style really fit the tone of my posts anymore. Also, I would like to blog more seriously, and it’s harder to do that when your entire frame for a post is facetious. Now, when I say seriously, I don’t  mean that I’ll be putting out multiple posts a week or anything like that (I wish!). I mean that I want to put more thought and effort into my posts, instead of just writing something off-the-cuff and putting it up whenever I feel like it. I’d like to say that my old erratic posting schedule is going to change, but I’m afraid that would end up being a lie. I won’t promise to make posts by any certain schedule, or apologize for not making them often. When I have something to say, I’ll say it, otherwise, this blog will lie fallow. Still, I do want to try to post more consistently. I have several thoughts that I’d like to develop further and this seems like a good platform to do it in. I’d also like to experiment more with serial storytelling, perhaps try to write some more narrative, epic-style poetry and record myself reading it, maybe even post a little artwork… we’ll see!


So with that in mind, let’s move forward. Peace!


~ Jared




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