Halfway, and a Trip to Costa Rica

Well, here I am, halfway through my trip to Honduras. A little more than halfway through, actually–I left the US on March 18th and will return on September 10th, so my real halfway point was a few days ago. In order to get my visa renewed for the second half of the trip (they’re only good for 90 days), I went  south to Costa Rica for a few days, returning to my aunt and uncle’s house last night with a new visa good for the remainder of my time here. It was a pleasant trip, though I would not care to repeat the 17+ hour bus ride anytime soon, or ever. Unlike the last trip I took to Copán, which was focused on learning, this trip was focused (at least for me) on relaxing and enjoying the time; which seems interesting in light of the fact that I think I probably enjoyed the Copán trip more. Perhaps when enjoyment is the primary goal it becomes harder to find than when it is pulled along in the wake of something else. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy myself! I very much like Costa Rica. The scenery is gorgeous, and San José, the capital city (where we were staying) is clean, open, and has a friendly feeling. The city’s downtown was quite nice, and it was fun to see the sights there, although I wished we had more time for exploring. On the second day of the trip we spent the entire day at a resort, where we enjoyed a beautiful rainforest trail and one of the very prettiest beaches I’ve ever been to in my life. This is the second time I’ve been to the ocean during my time here, and I am grateful, because I didn’t expect even one trip to the sea. All in all, from the very brief glimpse I got of it, I think I rather like Costa Rica and its culture. I could see myself living there much more readily than in Honduras, although I still would not like to live in a place  that never had winter.


Halfway… I feel like I’ve been here longer than three months, yet at the same time, it is a bit surprising to see the halfway point having come and gone already.  I had very few expectati0ns for this trip before I came–I don’t tend to expect a lot of things when I’m going to a totally unfamiliar place and doing things that are far outside my experience. Honestly, I just wanted to get away from my day to day life and take time to rethink and soul-search, and if I could do some things to serve God and help others at the same time, then so much the better. And so far the trip has allowed me to do those things, though it has been lighter on the serving part than I had hoped (but this should soon change as I work more with the people who I went to Copán and Costa Rica with). I really did need time to think; I have been able to slowly and gradually work through many mental, spiritual, and emotional issues that I have needed to work through, and am still I think in the midst of that journey. Putting aside the physical (as always, I probably ought to be getting more exercise and more sleep and less sweets), I feel healthier than I have in a long time. I am learning to be at peace and my ability to wonder at the world and take joy in simple things is ever-growing.


I am looking forward to seeing what develops during the second half of my trip. It’s strange to think that, in the context of this trip, I have just as much time ahead of me as I have behind me! A lot could happen during that time. I will be a different person by the end–everyone I know could be different–life changes in the blink of an eye. I think that’s beautiful, and more beautiful still are the eternal things that stay with us no matter how much the physical world shifts and changes. There is beauty everywhere, and the rampant ugliness only serves to highlight it, and I learn to see that more every day.


Peace, and I hope that your road leads you home–



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