A Small Update

Well, since my last journal post, I have joined a construction team and contracted an awful fever. The fever just came in today, during the night. I have no idea where I got it from or why, but my aunt says that for the first six months or so that she lived here, she got sick at least once a month just because her body had so much to adjust to. So I have that to look forward to I guess. Yay. I seriously don’t think I can remember the last time I had a fever this bad….


Anyway, I’m sure you don’t want to read about me sitting here complaining. The construction team was a pretty good experience. My uncle and I drove up to join them this most recent weekend, on Friday and Saturday; we worked from around 8 to around 4 each day, and those were long days, let me tell you, especially the first–I was poorly placed the first day, having been put on a flooring team that didn’t really need the extra member, but by the time I was able to switch over to a different team, those men had already all fallen into their roles and there wasn’t really anything left for me to help with. That was a very frustrating day. But the next day was much better, because I stayed in the same place the entire time and was able to fall in as a bucket carrier. I spent that entire day carrying buckets of concrete back and forth. My shoulder is still sore!


The project we were working on was a church, called Noah’s Ark Church. We were laying bricks to build up the walls and putting down a concrete floor on the altar. We also put in concrete floors in a couple of nearby homes, and one team built an entire house from the ground up. It was an interesting place we were working–the church itself was at the crest of a high hill (technically I think it’s a mountain, but having lived by the Rockies for eight years, most anything shorter looks like a hill to me). It had a great view of the valley below, the walls of which were entirely covered in terraces of shacks with tin roofs. It would’ve been an excellent place to do some parkour, and was quite inspiring to look down over. I know the people living there are very poor and do not have very nice conditions at all, but the I couldn’t help but think how cool the view was as I took it in, and it would not have been the same if the people had bigger or nicer homes.


So I suppose beauty can come out of even ugly things, which cannot ever make up entirely for their ugliness, but still must make it easier to bear.


I was pretty exhausted on Sunday after all that work. I opted to sleep in instead of going to the church service at the place we’d been working on (because it was rather early and I really was exhausted), and have had a fairly relaxing couple of days since, though I have been struggling once again with depression and loneliness. And now I have this fever. At least it seems to have driven the depression away.


~ Jared


P.S. Oh, on another note, this is the first really “mission-trippy” thing I’ve done since coming here, so yay for that!


One thought on “A Small Update

  1. I’m sorry that you have that awful fever, but glad you got to experience some real mission type work. Grandpa helped build a church a few years back so he can really relate to the hard work and difficult conditions!

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