3 Day Novel

Well, I’ve done it again! For the third time in the past four years (and it is rather strange to think I’ve been writing that long, really), I have finished 3 Day Novel. I’m not really sure what the point of this post is, other than to brag. This 3 Day Novel went off a lot easier than previous ones have. My story came out, overall, a lot more polished and finished (at least, I think that it did). It doesn’t seem to have as many loose ends to tie up as stories I’ve done previously. Incidentally, it’s also my first proper attempt at writing a survival horror story, and also my first time using an inanimate  object as a narrator. Thinking back on it, I feel like the most major flaw in the story is that none of the characters ever really settled into their personalities. But then, it isn’t really a character-focused story.


One thing I learned from this is that sometimes, it really is better to just do things on your own. Now, I am always one to ask for and offer help whenever I feel that it’s needed. I have very little desire to accomplish things on my own when they could be accomplished more easily–and with more enjoyment!–by doing them with someone else. Of course, I’ve always recognized that some things really are best done alone. But maybe independence is the better route in more things than I thought. The reason I say this is that this particular 3 Day Novel is the first one which I’ve done solo. I was doing it in a group–but the difference from previous 3 Day Novels was that, this time, no one in the group was attempting to rely on and/or help the others. The first two times I did 3 Day Novel, I did it in tandem with one of my close friends. We were trying specifically to work very closely together and steadily offer each other support and help. That seemed like it would be easier. 3 Day Novel is a big task, and it seemed like having an ally could only improve it. However, that wasn’t exactly what happened. It was nice to have someone to work closely with. But on the other hand, there was also a certain amount of pressure that came from the knowledge that this other person was, at least to an extent, relying on me for help. More troubling was the extreme amount of emotional stress that 3 Day Novel puts you under. That stress resulted in multiple fights which, in hindsight, were rather silly, but in the thick of things, they were incredibly important and distracting. Even a person who is normally very controlled and calm can get snappish under the pressure of attempting to write a novel in three days. So, for this at least, going solo–not attempting to rely on anyone else–seems to be the better option. And now I’m wondering if there are more things than I generally think for which that is the case.


At any rate, I’m very happy with my experience this 3 Day Novel! I’ll definitely be doing it again next year, and I would encourage anyone else who likes to write stories to give it a try. It’s truly an experience that should not be missed.


~ Jared


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