The Value of Writing Fluff

Well, it’s been awhile since I last posted, hasn’t it? I’ve been a little bit busy, but mostly I just haven’t had anything to say. At any rate, I decided this morning that I ought to update my blog today, and after a little thought, I realized that I’d  come to a realization.

It’s completely okay to write fluffy, meaningless stories.

It’s just a waste of time, I always used to tell myself. And truly, I have often felt unproductive if I’m not working on a story that has, somewhere inside it, whether this is visible to anyone else or not, some  deeper meaning or truth or message. Don’t get me wrong. I want to write truth. I want to write things that make light. I want to write things with depth, that give people plenty to think about. But you can’t do that all the time, and it’s a lot of pressure to put yourself under. Of course I don’t think of it all the time when I’m writing a story. I well know that the most important thing is just to write, and if you worry too much about putting in a message, it’s likely to come out hackneyed and ineffective. But deep down, I still want it, and so I mostly try to write stories that I feel have the potential for depth and meaning.

But lately, I’ve been writing something that really seems like it will stay light and shallow throughout. It’s not a serious project. It’s something I’m writing just for fun, because I enjoy it, for no other purpose. And you know what? It’s coming out much more easily and naturally than my huge sci-fi epic that would be amazing and deep and beautiful if I could ever get it to come out properly on the page (that’s what I was working on before, a project which I have currently put on hold). And I’ve realized how much of a relief it is not to put myself under that pressure. Just to write. To sit there smiling at how ridiculous my main character is. It’s a happy thing. And I think sometimes, a writer needs that. And so, here is my advice to all other writers: take some time, especially if you are feeling very frustrated with your wonderful and deep literary idea, to write a fluffy story. It could be a novel. A couple of humorous short stories. Some silly poems. It seems to be quite refreshing. Eventually I’ll get back to my more serious stories, but for now, I’m quite happy to be writing something completely non-serious and fun.

~ Jared


2 thoughts on “The Value of Writing Fluff

  1. This is actually something I guess that I’ve known for a while, but never put into so many words. Anywho, thanks for reminding me of it. Always nice to push a little pressure aside. :)

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