Watching my writing style change over the years has been interesting. It’s sort of like growing up, because you just don’t notice it much until you look back over what you used to write and compare it to what you’re writing now. For a long time I felt like my style was immature and nearly non-existent, which it was. But it’s growing! Lately I’ve noticed it coming much more into its own. I’m not going to waste your time with goofy age metaphors, but suffice to say that it of course still has a very long way to go and I don’t feel that it’s grown-up yet.

Anyway, it’s just something I’ve been noticing… my style used to be fairly informal, but dark and melodramatic. It’s switched around to be generally more formal (and perhaps vaguely British, blame J.K. Rowling for that…), a little bit whimsical, and overall kind of “soft.” By soft I mean that it is not “gritty” or “hard-edged” even though it sometimes goes into dark things. My style has reached a point where characters rarely die and tragic emotions, while still there, are not waved on flags for everyone to see. It’s hard to describe, but I suppose my style has become more fairy tale like.

Of course now I’m writing something that shifts back into my older style a little. More dramatic (although that’s mostly because I’m trying to write it in a more poetical style) and darker, with little whimsy or obvious magic. I’m not sure it’s going very well, and honestly I wish my style hadn’t shifted to become so formal. It’s harder to write, although I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it.

Anyway, it’s interesting how my style has changed as I’ve grown older and more mature… interesting also to see how the styles of my friends have changed as they’ve done the same… how has your style changed?


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