Assorted Thoughts

It’s a few days late to be posting this, but I might as well–I’ve finished NaNoWriMo. (And yes, I did it on time even though this post isn’t arriving until three days later :P ) I write this post now only because I woke up early for no reason and am being very slow to get about my day in protest. I’ve already been lazing around for a couple of hours wishing to be asleep. But anyway, no reason to sit around complaining. NaNoWriMo. It was hard this year. Much, much harder than last year. Last year the story flowed out of my brain beautifully. I didn’t have any difficulties with it whatsoever until the last few days of the month, where I realized that I had no idea how to end the story despite how well it had been going to that point. But this year… well, I was at least a couple thousand words behind the par wordcount from the 10th of November all the way to the final day. That just gives you an idea. The story fought me at every turn and in the end I decided to give up on finishing it. The last 20,000 words or so of what I wrote for NaNoWriMo were not part of the original story I started, but extras–other scenes, story bits about the pasts of some of the main characters, even a fairy tale–that made reference to and interwove with the main story. Once I switched to writing those it went much better. Now I have a good deal of material to use when and if I ever decide to rewrite this, so I suppose it isn’t a wasted month. Still, I’m disappointed that I didn’t get a finished novel this year….


This month, December, I’m going to relax a bit where my writing is concerned. I’ve decided I want to get better at poetry, so I’m going to try to write at least one poem every day this month, but other than that I’m not doing any serious writing. I shall also be picking out and plotting my next novel. I’m going to take my time with this one, give it plenty of thought, and hopefully it will let me write it. I haven’t decided what it will be yet but I do have a few ideas floating around. Preparing to write a new story is always extremely exciting, so I am looking forward to seeing what develops over the rest of the month.


Christmas is approaching! I love Christmastime. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, but it occurs to me now that I’ve been so wrapped up in my own thoughts and problems that I’ve hardly taken time to think of it. When I have thought of it, the thoughts have often been concerned with how much I hate the way modern society has twisted the holiday. Whatever your beliefs, Christmas was never meant to be a celebration of commercialism and and mindless, empty sentiments. In the Christian tradition it’s a celebration of Christ’s birth, of salvation; in the Pagan tradition it’s meant to be a joyous festival (on cursory inspection I haven’t found information regarding what exactly was celebrated at Yule in various pagan traditions, and am too tired to do extensive research at the moment); in the secular tradition it’s supposed to be a celebration of love and togetherness. But the stench of modernity has twisted the whole thing and I hate the things this society does. There’s much talk about “the true spirit of Christmas” at this time of year but it seems that so many people don’t get it. Well, I suppose there isn’t much I can do, except try to act in accordance with the spirit of the season myself. Which, I suppose, means I should stop thinking about much I dislike western society’s modern interpretation of the holiday and just enjoy it, be at peace and celebrate salvation and love and joy. So that’s what I’ll do. I shan’t say anything else about how I hate the commercialism and other silly modern things surrounding Christmas anymore in the rest of the month. And what a lovely season it is! Giving gifts and celebrating with friends and family! The festive decorations and the many varieties of delicious food. Once again we are at my favorite time of year, the last vestiges of the sunset before the night of winter really sets in. So a Merry December to all of you!


On another note, I’ve been reading G.K. Chesterton lately. I think this has definitely fueled my extreme dislike for modern society. The things he wrote in the late 19th/early 20th centuries still ring true today, even truer even, as society gets worse and worse. Yet that makes the beauty stand out more starkly. The beauty of a kind act, the beauty of the sky and of old crumbled cement and of things working. The duality is astounding.


Now I feel a little pretentious and I’m tired and I really ought to get about my day. A shower sounds lovely. And breakfast. It’s too bad I’m all out of pumpkin pie… I made two of them for Thanksgiving and they lasted me a couple weeks… perhaps I will make some pumpkin bread.


~ Jared


2 thoughts on “Assorted Thoughts

  1. I was lucky enough to participate in the St. Olaf Christmas Festival this last week, and it was such a nice reconnect with the non-commercial side of Christmas. Totally enjoyed it.

    And hey, at least you have material resulting from NaNo – I didn’t even make an attempt this year. XD

    Happy December to you too! Oh, and I think Snuffles was saying something about a D&D game over winter break. This should happen.

    1. Awesome. A Christmas festival sounds fun. ^_^

      True. This also makes me more determined to write an awesome story next year. :P

      Yeah, for sure! Once it gets closer we can figure out a time.

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