Beard Cycles

I write this post to report an important observation which I have made. I must say first that this is not backed up by in-depth research, but merely by my own rather small-ish knowledge of history and historical fashions. Anyway, the observation I’ve made is this: that facial hair fashions seem to fluctuate in definite cycles, which I have dubbed “beard cycles.” Just think of it. In the 1800s, men had fantastic facial hair, extravagant beards, huge mustaches, bushy sideburns. As time passed into the 20th century, the style changed, and men began to be, as a rule, clean-shaven. The style then began to gradually shift, as first mustaches, then goatees, then full beards came back into fashion. By looking back over history, one can see this same pattern repeated in the Middle Ages and the ancient world. For example, the Romans, for much of their history, preferred to be clean-shaven. But as they passed away and the world drifted into Medieval times, beards began to come back into fashion, until nearly all men had a beard. Then they went out of fashion again, and came back, and so on and so forth throughout history. At the moment we seem to be nearing the end of a beard cycle, as the full beard becomes more and more popular. I shouldn’t wonder if men weren’t wearing facial hair styles such as we remember from the 1800s in another ten or twenty years. These beards will then eventually become so extravagant that, in a backlash reaction, men return to being clean-shaven. Then the beard cycle starts all over again.

What does this mean for reality? Ah, but I cannot go into this. The ramifications of my observation could be multifold and extremely important, but I suppose we may never know exactly the effects this might have on human society. I am sure that the speculation resulting from this will be endless! Keep your eyes open for a book.


~ Jared


2 thoughts on “Beard Cycles

  1. That’s awesome. XD I’m rather happy to be living in the midst of a beard cycle, because I’ve always rather liked beards.
    I saw an advertisement for a show a while back, and this show was actually about bikers and their beards. That’s what the advertisement said. (I’m paraphrasing, of course, but beards really were a big part of the show. Actually, I think they may have even been the main attraction.)
    Seeing this, I fully agree with your “Beard Cycle” theory. A book on the full history of Beard Cycles might be interesting.
    (Anywho, awesome post.)

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