Songs For My Life

So, this post will be somewhat more personal than most of my posts. I’m actually going to talk about myself a little bit. I got an idea the other day and thought it would make a good blog post: I thought it would be cool to put together a list of songs which fit my life or represent certain things that I’ve done or have happened to me. I know, not an original idea at all, but I’ve never tried making a playlist for my life before. If anyone else is inspired to do the same, I’d love to see your songs! The songs a person picks for this sort of thing can tell you a lot about him, I think. Anyway, let’s see, where to start….


Well, I will just add things to the list as they occur to me, so this won’t be in any particular order. To start, a song that’s resonated with me ever since I first heard it….

To me, this song represents something I’ve always wanted–freedom and serenity. I believe perhaps that I’ve started to understand what it feels like to be the eagle in that song, to see it from the perspective of the subject rather than the singer.


Now another Falconer song, because they’re epic and I like them.

Aside from being really cool, this song also pretty accurately represents how I view the past, and to a certain extent, life in general. History is not and never has been a boring, dead thing to me; I’ve always been fascinated by it.


This song is how saying goodbye feels…

This song is only a little over 4 minutes, so please ignore the really long silence at the end.


I love the playfulness of this song, and to me it represents perhaps something I’d like to do, more than something I’ve done… I’ve made plenty of imaginary worlds, but never for “us,” always for myself.


This song I like very much. Many of my friends live across the country from me, and “so close, no matter how far,” is very accurate of many of my relationships.


This song goes out to everyone who’s been on online romantic relationships. :P The video is weird. XD I love this band because they can really capture feelings in their songs.


I like bittersweet things. Stories. Chocolate. You name it.


Sometimes I feel like the chorus in this song can describe me. Anyway, this guy writes great lyrics, you should listen to more of his music.


Persistent loneliness has at times dogged my steps. This is a very lonely song.


Because I have a crush on Luna Lovegood.


Sometimes it’s just so hard to connect with Him… through my own hubris or short-sightedness, I suppose. Anyway, this song expresses the feeling.


This song, I believe, is supposed to be about death. But it also represents how I feel sometimes about certain people… wishes for them to be happy and to have a good life, even if they may leave me behind.


And  now for something more cheerful! My philosophy about modern culture.


I think I shall end with that–this could go on forever. Maybe I’ll do a part II sometime in the future, eh? Well, if anyone actually listens to every one of those songs, I shall be very impressed and rain virtual chocolate chip cookies upon your head.


~ Jared


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