An Announcement….

…of a dream. I shall now interrupt my standard programming to tell you about the movie that one of my friends, Keifer, is hoping to create. You should check out the website for more information (links below), but basically, it’s about a young man who lost his father to death… and what happens when he wakes up in an alternate life where his father survives. The movie explores a theme that I’m rather interested in and have thought about a bit myself (maybe I’ll post about it sometime soon!):   the idea that death, while sad and heart-rending, can also be equally positive for those left behind in the long run. It’s a very personal project for Keifer, seeing as he lost his own father at age 7, and it’d be great if he could make this dream a reality. He needs to raise around $7000 dollars in the next 17 days in order to get it going, so even a small donation would help!


General information about the movie:

The page where you can donate, if you feel so inclined:


Now, don’t take this to mean I’m going to become an advertising blog. Most requests for advertising will go to the rather hideous angler-fish. :P


~ Jared


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