Spring Break and Stuff

So this week is my spring break. It seems like my break is later in March than a lot of people’s… ah well. It’s not like I pay a whole lot of attention to these things. Anyway, this particular break I’d like to do something really fun and cool and interesting, like taking a trip to Ireland or Japan or somewhere. Unfortunately, I’m a broke college student, and I haven’t had any rich uncles die and leave me a fortune lately, either.


So I’ve decided to do something completely different. I am going to attempt to finish the novel I’ve been writing for the past months by the end of Spring Break. I must say, this novel has been one of the most difficult I’ve ever written. I think I’ve only written one other that gave me as much trouble. I must also say that I think this novel is also one of the worst I’ve ever written, as well. It just doesn’t seem to have much heart or soul in it. Nevertheless, I feel that I must finish it. I don’t like leaving things unfinished. So, I am using the wonderful, holy thought of “I will be DONE with this novel!” to motivate myself to write on it over Spring Break. Wish me luck.


In other news, I also have to make a sculpture out of wood blocks and a bouquet of origami flowers out of trash during my break. Important stuff, that.


Peace out, and don’t be sucked into a time matrix by an errant ion storm and find yourself battling t-rexes in an alternate War of 1812! Oh wait… that might actually be fun…


~ Jared


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