It’s A Love/Hate Relationship

I came across something interesting whilst reading a manga the other night (Kingyo Used Books, Volume I, Yoshizaki Seimu). It was simple, really, just a short two-panel interaction: one character said that she had a love/hate relationship with a certain story, and the other character responded that that’s the strongest kind of love. I found this rather interesting, because I’ve never thought of it that way before. To me, a love/hate relationship was never anything to be desired, appreciated, or liked. They can be pretty painful, after all, and so very complicated.


But this brief interaction in the manga made me stop and think about it a little. It made me wonder if my view of the love/hate relationship might not be wrong. Could it be that the added complexity and pain of such a relationship is in fact what makes it even more beautiful than one that is purely love? I’m in-between on the issue, at this point. My mind may change after some more thought. For now, I think… I think, yes, if there are two people who are committed enough to each other and love each other enough to stay together despite the pain involved in a love/hate sort of relationship, then it is definitely a strong and beautiful sort of love.


Yet at the same time, it’s hard. That sort of relationship is very difficult to be in. It’s stressful and painful. Of course this depends on the intensity of the emotions. Maybe it is sort of a love/hate relationship, but the love far overpowers the hate. In that case, it isn’t so bad…. Still, I suppose the manga said this is “the strongest type of love,” not the nicest or the best or the kindest. Maybe it is strongest. Perhaps it’s the loving despite the pain that makes it so… Hm, well, something to ponder, anyway. I think I shall be done rambling for tonight.


Peace out!


~ Jared


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