Well, I was neglecting my blog and felt like writing some sort of post (and am procrastinating from my novel! SHH, don’t tell anyone!), so here you go. A bit of randomness.

Recently I’ve been wanting to draw a comic. I’d like to start a webcomic, actually (yes, I found a cool webcomic and decided I wanted to make comics, too. This happens a lot, heh heh). See, I’ve actually been wanting to draw a comic/manga/graphic novel for years. I made my first one when I was just a little fellow (gosh, I don’t even remember, 10 or 11?). It was about a superhero named Atom Boy, the other heroes in his organization, and their adventures as they saved their world from the evil Doctor Z (who was a total rip-off of Zurg from Buzz Lightyear). Looking back on it, it’s very snicker-inducing (in the original draft, the one that got destroyed when my little brother scribbled all over it, the story started when a guy named “Johnny Hazard” drove past a sign that said “Superheroes Wanted!”…), and of course the art sucks. But I enjoyed it. I had fun.  And ever since, I’ve wanted to draw comics.

I think it’d be awesome to be a manga-ka or a graphic novelist. Unfortunately, at the moment I have no ideas, and I’m not sure I have the patience to stick with a comic to the end. I’m not very good at drawing backgrounds, for one thing. I did get one idea for a graphic novel, which I started–it was an extremely complicated story involving Norse mythology, political machinations from hundreds of years ago, and an alternate Victorian era in which rune magic took the place of a lot of technology. It’s actually one of my coolest story ideas. But, I only got two pages into it. Two pages! Now I’m feeling like I’d rather do something less complicated. Something more personal, closer to home, smaller and more intimate. I have an idea, which would feature a writer (based on a very good friend of mine) and her life, as seen from the perspective of her friends. Buuut I don’t know how to start it, and it’s not feeling quite like the comic I want to draw.

I need ideas….

Okay, and as a bonus, some pages from Atom Boy!

And here we have the cover page... oh, the shakiness of the letters... this was intended to be a sequel to the original Atom Boy, by the way, the one that got scribbled on by my little brother. So it starts off without much explanation.
The first page! I hope you can read my writing...
Atom Boy was overpowered. Very overpowered.
And they charge off to battle... I had several other pages after this, but I figured the first three would be enough.

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