Some Observations

Minecraft is addicting.

So is the anime Slayers.

Anime, in general, is rather addicting. The last series I watched was… mm… Baccano,   I believe, which was quite good. Confusing–so confusing I think I shall have to watch   it again at least once to understand it–but it was the good kind of confusing. It had so many awesome characters. My favorites were probably Isaac and Miria. They make an epic couple, and of course they’re utterly hilarious.

Another observation: people would be a lot happier if they tried to be more like Isaac and Miria.

Those two are extremely carefree. It’s not so much that they have nothing to worry about–on the contrary, they have quite a lot to worry about. But they don’t care. They love each other, and they always look at the good in life. They can find something to enjoy in just about everything that comes their way. It’s hard to pin down exactly how they do it (aside from being maybe a little less than fully sane, but who isn’t?) but they do manage it quite well. Three huzzahs for Isaac and Miria!

On another note, I think people would also be a lot happier if they stopped taking everything so seriously. Life is much too big and scary to be taken seriously. Don’t be insensitive about it; the time to joke is not always now. But in general, it is essential to keep a sense of humor about things. For everything bad that happens, something else happens that is good. But it may not happen to you, and that’s another thing that would make people happier: being a little more selfless, not worrying about themselves so much.

But I don’t want to preach. More observations! Chocolate is very good and would make much better money than paper. Just think about that–you’d pay for something with a chocolate bar instead of a dollar bill. Of course, it wouldn’t help obesity levels, but it might boost the economy!

Another thing that would boost the economy: abolishing the Federal Reserve. The government shouldn’t have so much control over the money supply. They are clearly idiots when it comes to running an economy, and governments have rarely shown themselves to be anything else.

Also, Firefly is an epic show and TV producers are nearly as idiotic as governments. Why would anyone CANCEL such a good story? And then they continued it in a movie… which was a good movie… but as far as I’m concerned, it was a complete failure in continuing the Firefly series. They took the awesomeness that was Firefly and turned into generic sci-fi action/adventure, complete with random information guru and epic space battles. At least no one had amnesia.

Amnesia. Now THAT would make a lot of people happier!

Thus concludes another useless post!

~ Jared


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