She’s A Stray

Wandering and lost

A little girl without a friend

Alone, to find her own way


Through a grimy hall

And she’s spinning, spinning

Taking a new path, she’s a stray


And off she runs

Her heart pounding fast

A thrill in her blood, to a new day


Now in the streets

Hair in ribbons, she wanders

Hungry, so hungry, ’cause she’s a stray


Hunting for scraps

Sickly, so thin, and lonely

Rummaging in the trash, the street’s buffet


Dogs come, human once were

Chase her off, barking

She runs, but she won’t be like them: she’s a stray


Now winter comes

And it’s cold, bone-chilling cold

Shivering in a corner, too weak to play


A smile behind blue lips

A sigh of breath at last escaping

She hasn’t given in, ’cause she’s a stray


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